A Whole New Life: Enemeez® & Wound Care

Proper Bowel Care Management Protocols Can Reduce Risks & Transform Lives

Incontinent patients have a 22-30% higher risk of developing pressure ulcers1. In addition, fecal incontinence, if uncontrolled, represents a major risk to perianal skin integrity and healing of perineal wounds2. Now more than ever, it is important that an effective bowel care program be adhered to.

One of our goals is to assist you and your patients with the development of a regimented bowel protocol. 

Enemeez® & Enemeez® Plus

Enemeez® contains a delivered dose of 283mg of docusate sodium. This non-irritating formula provides fast, predictable constipation relief typically within 2-15 minutes.3 Enemeez® products have shown to be effective for bowel care needs associated with spinal cord injury or disease and general constipation. Please see label for complete information.

Enemeez® Plus includes 20mg of benzocaine, assisting in the anesthetization of the rectum and lower bowel. The formulation was developed for patients who experience painful bowel movements.

Product Information:

    • Fast, predictable results typically in 2-15 minutes.3
    • Can assist in reducing time spent with patient for dressing/redressing due to episodes of incontinence or fecal discharge.4
    • Can virtually eliminate episodes of incontinence.5 No mucosal discharge6; helps to maintain healthy skin integrity.
    • Non-irritating formula. No after-burn.
    • Easy rectal usage for patients with reflux issues or nausea.


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