autonomic dysreflexia webinar

Webinar – Autonomic Dysreflexia: Putting the Pieces of the Puzzle Together

DATE: January 16, 2020 TIME: 3 pm MST LINK to REGISTER: Autonomic Dysreflexia: Putting the Pieces of the Puzzle Together   Bowel dysfunction in patients with SCI is a significant problem that often limits activities of daily living and social activity. The loss of independence felt by those suffering from bowel dysfunction, along with the…
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Skin Integrity and Bowel Care: Are Your Patients at Risk?

What does skin integrity have to do with bowel care? If you are asking this question, your patients might be at risk. Improper bowel care for people with fecal incontinence can create a myriad of skin-related problems, including dermatitis, pressure ulcers, perianal skin breakdown, and wound contamination. Skin areas most affected are near the buttocks,…
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A Comparison Between Enemeez® vs Bisacodyl Products used by Spinal Cord Injury Patients

Consider the Facts “Who among us would feel confident at work if we could not trust our continence? Instead of five to ten minutes per day to attend to bowel needs, how would we tolerate planning every day around a process that takes several hours?” ~ Kenneth C. Parsons, MD Chair, Spinal Cord Medicine Consortium…
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